Eazy Pod Automatic Cleaning Pond Filter in Green with 18W UV


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Product Description

he Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod has always been simple to set up and maintain. Now Evolution Aqua have gone one step further and made the cleaning regime automatic.

The Evolution Aqua Green Coloured Eazy Pod Automatic with 18 Watt UV is a self-cleaning filter with the benefit of mechanical and biological filtration. Suitable for garden ponds up to 10,000 litres, the Eazy Pod is simple to install and now even easier to maintain. If you're pond is larger, then simply add additional Eazy Pod's to meet the required filtration capacity.

The Easy Pod Automatic comes with an integrated control box that contains an adjustable timer to initiate the cleaning cycle of your pond filter automatically at the set time/day. The control box connects to the automated waste valve and with your choice of circulating pump (not supplied) and houses an integral air pump which is used to clean the K1 micro media within your Eazy Pod Automatic Pond Filter.