Aquael Biocera Max Pro 600 (1 ltr)


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Product Description

Aquael BioCeraMAX Pro 600 is a unique element intended for biological filtration of water in freshwater and seawater aquariums, paludariums, aqua-terrariums and terrarium pools.

It has the form of cylinders made of a porous ceramic material ensuring very large filtration surface (600 sq.m/l).

The internal surface of pores of the BioCeraMAX Pro 600 cylinders placed in an aquarium filter with time becomes home to useful strains of nitrifying bacteria of the genera Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter.

These microbes burn in their vital processes metabolites toxic for fish: ammonia (Nitrosomonas) and nitrites (Nitrobacter) oxidizing them to nitrate form, far safer for aquarium residents.

BioCeraMAX Pro 600 is perfect as a filtration bed in canister filters, overflow filters, sumps, filtration stacks.

It can be successfully applied in both freshwater and seawater aquariums

It is particularly recommended for tanks with large fish and large numbers of fish.